Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-In Pods x10

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Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-In Pods 

Eliminating unpleasant odors from your RV's toilet is now easier than ever with Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-In Pods! This exceptional product is designed to tackle even the toughest toilet and sewer smells, providing you with a fresh and odor-free RV experience. 


  • 10 Pods: Each package of Unique Tank Odor Eliminator contains 10 convenient pods, providing you with long-lasting odor elimination.
  • Effective In Extreme Cold and Hot Temperatures: Withstanding temperatures over 100 degrees, Unique Tank Odor Eliminator ensures reliable performance even in the most challenging weather conditions.
  • Convenience: Simply drop a pod into your RV's toilet to activate the odor-eliminating power of Unique Tank Odor Eliminator. It is designed for easy and hassle-free use.
  • Eliminates Odors in Black and Gray Tanks: The Tank Odor Eliminator is formulated to eliminate odors in both your RV's black and gray water tanks, providing comprehensive odor control throughout your entire waste system.
  • Great For Dry Campers and Low Water-Use Applications: Perfect for dry campers and those with low water usage, Unique Tank Odor Eliminator effectively controls odors even in situations with limited water availability.
  • Compatible With RV Digest-It For Maximum Odor Control and Waste Break Down: For enhanced odor control and efficient waste breakdown, Unique Tank Odor Eliminator can be used in combination with RV Digest-It, our best-selling RV waste management product.
  • Formaldehyde Free: Unique Tank Odor Eliminator is free from formaldehyde, ensuring it is safe for the environment and your RV.
  • Made in the USA: Tank Odor Eliminator Drop-In Pods are produced in the USA, maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • Powered by the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula: The specialized blend of bacteria and enzymes works effectively to break down waste and neutralize odorous molecules, leaving your RV smelling fresh and clean.

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