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Whether it’s your vehicle or you are being the good samaritan, jump starting a battery is never a pleasant task. The most difficult and potentially dangerous part of the job is securely attaching the booster cable clamps to the battery posts.

Cable Gauge: 4 Gauge
Cable Length (FT): 20 Feet
Cable Color: Orange
Clamp Style: Spring Loaded



  • Cinch-Lock™ Clamps Are 400 Percent Easier To Open And Close And Provide 300 Percent More Clamping Force, Making A Secure Attachment Both Effortless And Safe
  • To Achieve A Successful Jump Start It’s Important To Maximize The Amps Traveling Through To The Dead Battery
  • Juice™ Booster Cables Deliver Up To 25 Percent More Ampere Than The Competitions
  • Juice Booster Cables Include A Full Line Of High Quality Cables, Featuring Cinch-Lock™ Clamps
  • 300 Percent More Power Than 10 Gauge Cables
  • Patent Pending Cinch-Lock™ Technology For Safer And Easier Jump Starts
  • Bonus Storage Bag And Terminal Cleaning Tool

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