Kuma Bear Toss

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Kuma Bear Toss

Get ready for hours of outdoor fun with Kuma’s Bear Toss Bean Bag Game! Whether you're camping, tailgating, or spending a day at the park, this game is perfect for adding excitement to your adventure. Gather your friends and family, split into teams, and take turns tossing the bean bags toward the target on the opposite board to score points. With its durable pine wood plywood playing platforms, included bean bags in two vibrant colors, and convenient carry bag, the Bear Toss game is designed for endless hours of entertainment.


Pine Wood Plywood Playing Platforms: Kuma’s Bear Toss game features two high-quality playing platforms made of pine wood plywood. These platforms provide a sturdy and stable base for the game. With their smooth surface, these platforms are designed to enhance your playing experience.

Set of Orange and Grey Bean Bags: The Bear Toss game comes with two sets of four bean bags in orange and gray. The vibrant colors not only add a fun and lively touch to the game but also make it easier to track and score points. 

Convenient Carry Bag: The Bear Toss game includes a handy carry bag, designed to securely hold all the components of the game, including the playing platforms and bean bags. With its compact size and sturdy construction, the carry bag makes it effortless to bring the Bear Toss game with you wherever your adventures take you.


  • Width: 24.00 in
  • Height: 10.00 in
  • Depth: 36.00 in
  • Weight: 36.00 lbs

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