Kuma Bear Buddy Chair Cover

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Bear Buddy Chair Cover

Introducing the Bear Buddy Chair Cover with Ultimate Protection for your Kuma Bear Buddy/Double Chair, our #1 selling chair! Keep your Bear Buddy Chair, Bear Buddy Heated Chair, or other similar size chairs safe and protected with the Bear Buddy Chair Cover. Crafted from 100% polyester and coated with UV protection, this cover is designed to shield your chair from the harshest elements, ensuring its longevity and performance for years to come.

Features and Benefits:

  •  Coverage: The Bear Buddy Chair Cover provides complete coverage for your double chair, safeguarding it from rain, sun, dirt, and other environmental factors. With its generous dimensions, it ensures comprehensive protection for your outdoor seating.
  • UV Coated: Coated with UV protection, this cover offers excellent durability and resistance against fading caused by sun exposure. 
  • Protects from the Elements: Say goodbye to worrying about your chair being damaged by rain, dust, bird droppings, etc. The Bear Buddy Chair Cover acts as a barrier, preserving the condition of your chair and keeping it clean and ready for use.
  • Convenient Carry Bag Included: The chair cover comes with a handy carry bag, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. The compact size of the bag allows for hassle-free storage, ensuring that you can take your cover with you wherever you go.


  • Width: 59.00 in
  • Height: 22.50 in
  • Depth: 24.00 in
  • Weight: 0.50 lbs

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