LP6 Pro 6 Inch LED Driving/Combo Baja Designs

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Introducing the LP6 Pro, a powerhouse of illumination in a compact 6-inch form factor. With an astonishing total of 11,225 lumens, this light source is engineered to redefine your visibility on the road or trail.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT): Experience a remarkable 200-degree spread of usable LED light, made possible by our patented IPT. This technology dedicates peripheral lighting to enhance your field of vision, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

  • Direct Ducted Cooling (DDC) Technology: We've integrated our exclusive DDC technology into the LP6 to maintain peak performance. By allowing air to flow through the front of the housing and over the rear heat sinks, cooling capacity is dramatically improved, ensuring your light operates at its best.

  • Adaptive Lighting Modes: The LP6 offers versatile lighting modes to suit your needs. With an amber daytime running light, low power, and high power modes, you can easily adapt to varying conditions.

  • uService – Replaceable Lenses And Optics: The LP6 Pro is designed with convenience in mind. You can replace lenses and optics as needed, ensuring your lighting solution remains versatile and efficient.

  • ClearView – All The Light, Right Where You Need It: ClearView technology ensures that your LP6 Pro delivers light precisely where you need it, providing optimal visibility and reducing strain on your eyes.

  • MoistureBlock – Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible: With MoistureBlock, your LP6 Pro is built to withstand the elements. It's waterproof, rainproof, and even submersible, ensuring reliable performance in any weather condition.

  • CopperDrive – Only LED Driven At 100 Percent: CopperDrive technology ensures that your LED is driven at 100 percent capacity, maximizing efficiency and longevity.

  • 5000K Daylight – Less Driver Fatigue, Natural Color: The LP6 Pro emits a natural 5000K daylight color, reducing driver fatigue and providing clear, true-to-life color representation.

Pattern Options:

  • Driving/Combo: Maximize your trail coverage with the Driving/Combo pattern. It combines a 42-degree wide driving beam with an 8-degree spot beam, offering a seamless blend of light for both close-range and distant illumination (Lighting Zone 3).

The LP6 Pro is not just a light; it's a lighting solution designed to elevate your driving experience. Whether you're tackling off-road adventures or navigating city streets, the LP6 is ready to illuminate your path.

Upgrade your visibility, enhance your safety, and redefine your nighttime driving experience with the LP6 Pro. Choose innovation, choose LP6 Pro.

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