LP4 A-Pillar Kit - Mercedes 2019-2023 Sprinter

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Elevate Your Sprinter Van's Potential with Baja Designs Mercedes Sprinter A-Pillar Kits!

Unleash the Daylight:

When it comes to enhancing your adventure or workday, Baja Designs has your back. Our Mercedes Sprinter A-Pillar Kits are your golden ticket to extending the day and making the most out of every moment. We understand that enthusiasts like you have unique lighting needs, and that's why we offer four distinct A-Pillar lighting options to cater to your preferences.

Performance Meets Reliability:

At Baja Designs, we're all about performance lighting that doesn't compromise on reliability. Each A-Pillar Kit we offer, be it the XL series or LP4, is meticulously crafted to satisfy the discerning enthusiast who values rugged performance, unwavering reliability, and the peace of mind that comes with our unbeatable lifetime warranty.

LP4 Setup - Illuminate Your Path:

The LP4 setup, a star within our A-Pillar Kit lineup, equips you with all the lighting power you need to conquer the darkest trails or illuminate your work environment. Here's what you'll find inside:

  • (2) LP4, Driving/Combo LEDs: These powerhouse LEDs provide an impressive front-facing luminance of 8,857 lumens, ensuring you have a clear view of the road ahead. Additionally, they emit 1,972 lumens peripherally, ensuring no detail is missed.

  • (2) A-Pillar Brackets: Designed for a perfect fit, these brackets secure your LP4 LEDs in place, so they shine exactly where you need them.

  • (1) Harness: We've included a harness for easy installation, ensuring your LP4s are up and running quickly.

  • All Necessary Hardware: We've left no stone unturned. Your LP4 setup comes complete with all the hardware required to secure your lighting solution.

Specifications (LP4 Per Light):

  • Front-Facing Lumens: 8,857
  • Peripheral Lumens: 1,972
  • Power Consumption: 90.9W / 6.5A

Upgrade Your Sprinter Van Experience:

If you're ready to spice up your van and squeeze every ounce of productivity and adventure out of the day, the Baja Designs Mercedes Sprinter A-Pillar Kit is your answer. Elevate your visibility, enhance your capabilities, and trust in a lifetime of quality backed by Baja Designs.

Illuminate your journey, day or night, with Baja Designs' LP4 A-Pillar Kit. It's time to chase the horizon and embrace the day to the fullest. Upgrade your Sprinter van and experience the difference today!

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