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Hit the open road with a fresh, clean scent from Lippert Components ®. Choose from Vanilla Mist, Home Sweet Home, or Woody Sage and Salt — and give your RV a fragrance upgrade today. Long days on the road mean your RV isn’t always going to smell its freshest. But now it can with Air Fresheners from Lippert Components ®. Our new line of air fresheners makes for a fun, aromatic addition to any vehicle, and will help keep your trip smelling fresh and clean mile after mile. Bring a hint of home with you on the road with this fragrant, cinnamon and spice-infused scent. If you’re looking for a cozy, potpourri experience, then Home Sweet Home is for you.

Type: Hangable
Design: Travel Trailer
Fragrance: Home Sweet Home Scent (Cinnamon And Spice)
Color: Pink



  • Provides A Fresh, Clean Scent For RVs
  • Hangs Easily From Rear-View Mirror
  • Great For Any Vehicle
  • Keeps Your RV’s Interior Smelling Great When You’re On The Road

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