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Be ready for your next camping adventure and ensure the protection of your 30 Amp RV unit with our exclusive bundle offer! Based on valuable customer feedback and our own camping experiences, we have curated a special bundle designed to meet your specific needs as an RV camper. Enjoy a 15% discount when you take advantage of this carefully selected collection of camping essentials, tailored for 30 Amp RVs.

This customer-inspired bundle includes the following items, proven to enhance your camping experience:

  •  20 FT ASC Sewer Hose: Ultimate durability and reliable performance for hassle-free waste management during your camping or RV adventure
  •  35 FT Drinking Water Hose to provide you with a reliable and safe water source, ensuring peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.
  •  Water Regulator to regulate water pressure and protect your plumbing system, based on customer insights regarding the importance of maintaining optimal pressure.
  •  90 Degree Hose Saver for convenient hose connections in tight spaces, responding to customer feedback on the challenges faced in various camping setups.
  • A Set of X-Chocks to stabilize your RV and minimize movement, a highly recommended solution based on both customer experiences and our own testing.
  • Two 4-Pack 2ply Toilet Tissue for a comfortable and dependable bathroom experience, reflecting the insights gathered from fellow campers who value quality and convenience.
  • Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment to efficiently break down waste and eliminate odors, an essential product informed by customer satisfaction and positive testimonials.
  • Furnace Bug Screen and Water Heater Bug Screen to prevent insects from infiltrating your appliances, addressing a common concern shared by campers.
  •  30 Amp Full Protection Surge Guard to safeguard your RV's electrical system from power fluctuations, an important recommendation based on customer experiences and our expertise.
  • Power Cord Adapter 15m/30f to ensure compatibility with different power outlets, inspired by the practical needs expressed by RV enthusiasts.

Take advantage of the exceptional 15% discount and embark on unforgettable adventures with confidence and convenience.

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