TireMinder Smart TPMS - Smartphone Based Tire Pressure Monitor for RVs with 4 Transmitters (TPMS-APP-4)

Sale price$576.99


Introducing the next generation of tire pressure monitoring – now right on your smartphone or tablet! The new TireMinder Smart TPMS allows you to conveniently monitor your tires, proving safety alerts to help you achieve a greater level of peace of mind while traveling.

Features and Benefits

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring right from your smartphone
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Devices
  • Monitors tire pressure and temperature
  • Checks for tire issues every 6 seconds
  • Push notification alert system
  • 433Mhz to Bluetooth® BLE adapter maximizes signal range
  • Phone off? Bluetooth® BLE adapter provides constant alert protection
  • Automatically scroll between all tire positions
  • Auto-update function allows updated pressure readings in a touch
  • Easily add and remove transmitters with a simple press
  • Sophisticated alert system provides early warning detection of tire issues
  • Includes our brand new “RHINO” signal booster

Requires iOS 7+ or Android 4.4+

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