Weber Grill by Airstream Bundle

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Get the Weber Grill, Stand, Grill Cover, and Grill Accessories for 10% off when bundled

Most travel trailers feature an onboard propane system to fuel water heaters, furnaces, and stovetops. But because that onboard propane system uses a low pressure feed of propane, conventional gas grills (like you might have on your back porch) can't hook up to the on-board propane system.

Now, renowned grill manufacturer Weber has teamed up with Airstream on an official Airstream gas grill capable of hooking up to your Airstream's onboard propane system.

The partnership between Airstream and Weber developed out of an idea that longtime Airstream Senior Vice President of Operations Mark Wahl had while camping in Georgia. A seasoned camping enthusiast, Wahl was walking around the campsite and noticed that many of the sites had a gas grill, but 100 percent of those gas grills were powered by small, portable propane tanks. Wahl knew you could buy gas grills that hooked up to onboard propane systems, but Wahl wanted something with the promise of Airstream quality that could do away with those extra tanks.

Enter the official Airstream Weber Q1200 – the perfect campsite size with the convenience of an onboard propane system hookup.

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