Wheel Chock (Set of 2) from Adventure Supply Co.

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 Adventure Supply Co. Wheel Chock (Set of 2)

Ensure the safety and stability of your trailer with the Adventure Supply Co. Wheel Chock (Set of 2). Designed to keep your trailer securely in place, this wheel chock provides peace of mind and allows you to re-hitch with confidence.

Durable and Reliable: Constructed with durable, hard plastic infused with UV inhibitors, this wheel chock is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance

Optimal Compatibility: The Adventure Supply Co. Wheel Chock is designed to accommodate tires up to 26 inches in size. This versatile chock is suitable for various types of trailers, providing a universal solution for your towing needs.

Enhanced Safety: Gain complete confidence while re-hitching your trailer with Adventure Supply Co.'s Professional Grade Wheel Chock. Preventing any unwanted rolling or shifting, this wheel chock ensures a secure and stable trailer, making it ideal for camping and storage purposes.

Convenient Set: The Adventure Supply Co. Wheel Chock includes a set of two chocks, providing you with the necessary equipment to secure both sides of your trailer effectively. With this comprehensive set, you can ensure maximum stability and peace of mind.

Note: Always follow proper safety guidelines and recommended procedures when using wheel chocks. Ensure that the chocks are properly positioned and engage the tires securely.

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